Coastal Processes and Structures

Pleasant Bay has approximately 71 miles of shoreline, including 51 miles of inner shoreline, 7 miles on the inside of the Nauset barrier beach, and 13 miles around five Bay islands. The vast and varied shoreline encompasses extensive coastal resources and is subject to a wide range of ecological forces.

The Alliance conducts research to deepen our understanding of coastal resources and processes throughout the Pleasant Bay system. This research provides a basis for management recommendations and best practices related to coastal structures, beach nourishment, and dredging and long-term planning to protect coastal resources and minimize coastal hazards.

Guidelines for Erosion Management in Pleasant Bay

Sea level Rise: Assessment of impacts on Nauset Barrier Beach and Pleasant Bay

Download the Analysis of Tidal Data from Meetinghouse Pond, Chatham Fish Pier and Boston: With Application to Management PBA_TideDataRep_13Aug2012

Download the Coastal Resource Guide for Pleasant Bay and Chatham Harbor here:

PB Guide pp. 1-77