Coastal Processes and Structures

Pleasant Bay has approximately 71 miles of shoreline, including 51 miles of inner shoreline, 7 miles on the inside of the Nauset barrier beach, and 13 miles around five Bay islands. The vast and varied shoreline encompasses extensive coastal resources and is subject to a wide range of ecological forces.

The Alliance conducts research to deepen our understanding of coastal resources and processes throughout the Pleasant Bay system. This research provides a basis for management recommendations and best practices related to coastal structures, beach nourishment, and dredging and long-term planning to protect coastal resources and minimize coastal hazards.

Guidelines for Erosion Management in Pleasant Bay

Sea level Rise: Assessment of impacts on Nauset Barrier Beach and Pleasant Bay

The Alliance has a long standing collaboration with Center for Coastal Studies, under the direction of Dr. Graham Giese, to monitor trends in tidal data. Download tidal data studies conducted by Center for Coastal Studies below:

2021 Report: 2021 CCS Report
2019 Report: 2019 CCS Report
2018 Report: 2018 CCS Report

2015 Report: 2015 CCS Report
2013 Report: Analysis of Tidal Data from Meetinghouse Pond, Chatham Fish Pier and Boston: With Application to Management PBA_TideDataRep_13Aug2012

Download the Coastal Resource Guide for Pleasant Bay and Chatham Harbor here:

PB Guide pp. 1-77