News from the Pleasant Bay Alliance

The Pleasant Bay Alliance has issued a new report on tidal data collected from 2012-2015. The report was prepared by Dr. Graham Giese and Christina Kennedy of the Center for Coastal Studies. The study tracks tidal data from Boston Harbor, Meetinghouse Pond and the Chatham Fish Pier, from January 2012 through June 2015. Boston Harbor data represent the open Gulf of Maine tides that “force” the Pleasant Bay/Chatham Harbor system, while Meetinghouse Pond and Chatham Fish Pier represent tidal conditions at the ends of the Pleasant Bay system.  Analysis of Tide Data from Meetinghouse Pond, Chatham Fish Pier and Boston: January 2012-June 2015

The Pleasant Bay Alliance has released new information about water quality trends in Pleasant Bay.  Download the full Pleasant Bay Alliance Water Quality Monitoring Program: Statistical Analysis of 2000-2014 Water Quality Monitoring Data prepared by The Cadmus Group. Download the Executive Summary of the Cadmus report, or the Media Release.

Download the Pleasant Bay Resource Management Plan 2013 Update here  RMP13_Final040313


The Pleasant Bay Alliance is a municipal organization formed by the Towns of Orleans, Chatham, Harwich and Brewster to coordinate the resource management plan for the Pleasant Bay ACEC and watershed. The Alliance’s projects, programs and studies promote healthy natural resources and safe public access throughout Pleasant Bay.

Alliance programs encompass technical research, policy analysis, and public outreach in the areas of coastal processes, watershed planning, navigation, fisheries, wetlands protection, and water quality monitoring.

The Pleasant Bay Resource Management Plan “continues to serve as an example of how other ACECs and communities across the Commonwealth can cooperatively plan for and protect sensitive natural resources.”  Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs Secretarial approval of the 2008 Plan Update