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Pleasant Bay Watershed Permit and Related Studies

Coastal Resource Guide for Pleasant Bay and Chatham Harbor

Pleasant Bay Resource Management Plan
April 2003

The entire Resource Management Plan is available, chapter by chapter, in PDF format.

Table Of Contents.

Chapter 1. Introduction

Chapter 2. Summary of Accomplishments & Recommendations

Chapter 3. Water Quality Monitoring

Chapter 4. Ecological Inventory & Habitat Protection

Chapter 5. Protection of Wetlands

Chapter 6. Watershed Planning

Chapter 7. Managing The Bay’s Fisheries

Chapter 8. Shoreline Change & Regulation of Shoreline Structures

Chapter 9. Waterways Safety & Navigation

Chapter 10. Public Access & Historic Resources

Chapter 11. Implementation Issues


Appendix. Implementation Summary

Members. of the Committee

Memorandum. of Agreement

Pleasant Bay Resource Management Plan
April, 1998

The entire Resource Management Plan is available, chapter by chapter, in PDF format.

Table of Contents

List of Pleasant Bay Resource Management Plan Committee Members and Contributors.

Section I: Framework for the Plan

Executive Summary and Recommendations

Chapter 1. History and Structure of the Planning Process

Section II: Resource Conditions and Trends

Chapter 2. Salt Water Resources

Chapter 3. Wetland Resources and Aquatic Vegetation

Chapter 4. Shellfish, Finfish and Wildlife

Section III: Human Uses and Trends

Chapter 5. Cultural and Visual Resources

Chapter 6. Inland and Shoreline Use and Development

Chapter 7. Boating

Chapter 8. Shellfishing and Finfishing

Section IV: Resource Management Issues and Recommendations

Chapter 9. Sustaining the Bay’s Biodiversity

Chapter 10. Managing the Bay’s Fisheries Resources

Chapter 11. A Regulatory Framework for Shoreline Structures

Chapter 12. Managing Environmental and Safety Impacts from Boating

Chapter 13. Enhancing Public Access Opportunities

Section V: Implementation Plan

Chapter 14. Organizational Structure

Chapter 15. Implementation Action Plan

Chapter 16. Resources


Final Revisions to the Plan


  • Pleasant Bay ACEC Designation
  • 1995 Memorandum of Agreement among the Towns of Orleans, Chatham, Harwich, and Brewster
  • Overview of ACEC Program and State Regulations Concerning ACECs
  • Proposed ACEC Designation Amendment
  • Four Town Comparison of Regulations Concerning Docks and Piers, Erosion Control Structures, Shellfishing, and Waterways.
  • Hydrodynamic and Tidal Flushing Study of Pleasant Bay Estuary, MA. Final Report for The Pleasant Bay Steering Committee. Aubrey Consulting, Inc.
  • Pleasant Bay Nitrogen Loading Study, Final Report. Cape Cod Commission
  • Resource-based Assessment of Dock and Pier Impacts in Pleasant Bay
  • Results of the Survey of Residents of the Pleasant Bay Communities
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